New Courses, workshops for 2020…. and Laura Carey.

December 4, 20190

2020 is all change for act up and we can’t wait.

We’re going to be running a lot more acting courses and workshops aimed at everyone within the community, they’re going to be much more neighbourhood lead and we’ll encourage everyone to get involved.  Gemma is going to be joined by actor Laura Carey to help woman the helm.

Laura participated in many act up workshops, went to drama school, came back and has assisted Gemma in pretty much all of the producing work that act up has done. Laura will be cooking up new ideas and working with Gemma on everything when she’s not acting.

The first courses for the New Year will be aimed at anyone 18+ who has always fancied trying out acting classes just for fun. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore your creative side, meet loads of new people and we promise you it’s nothing like school.  All of our courses are now in local neighbourhoods so the first ones will be running in Tooting and West Norwood in South London.

We’ll also be running short courses for anyone that is possibly a bit stuck as to what to do in life, maybe left school early, maybe not in full time employment and will be aimed at anyone aged 16+.  Again it’s a great opportunity to be listened to, to get creative and develop your confidence.  This course will be subsidised so it’s affordable for everyone.

All details will be listed in a new section on our website that will be coming soon.

In the meantime, any questions let us have them.





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