Actor Louisa Poulsen answered some questions…..

May 15, 20150

1 – When did you first know you wanted to become an actor?

Honestly, I can’t remember ever wanting anything else. I mean, I probably went through phases same as everybody else, but even my inarticulate childhood ideas about a career involved acting. The idea of it has changed, but the concept stayed.

2 – What did you first do about it?

I was always in the school plays, role playing with my friends, the that sort of thing. I encountered a lot of dissuasion early on, but I knew it was a valid path and that I wanted training. For a couple of years I flew back and forth from Denmark to audition for drama schools until I finally moved over here to see where life would take me. To Act-Up, as it turns out 🙂

3 – When did you first call yourself a professional actor?

When I set up my Twitter profile about a month ago. Until then, I’d only identified myself as such to likeminded people, and even then, apologetically. Now I own it!

4 – Has it met your expectations being an actor?

The love of the work and the process has, absolutely, but then I never doubted that part. As far as the expectation of being a working actor it’s still a bit too soon to really answer that, but I’m very excited about experiencing everything there is, good or bad.

5 – What are your hopes for the future of the acting profession?

An end to inequality, sexism. Actually, not just in our profession. On a global scale. Too much?

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