act up is a whole 20 years old this month…..

June 15, 20190

act up is 20 years old this month, that means I have been working in the acting industry for 20 years, technically 28 if you include my time at The Almeida Theatre, insanity is a word that springs to mind. In that time I’ve met some amazing people and let’s say in that time I’ve met some ‘interesting’ people and overall have been consistently supported by the most incredible actors that have worked alongside me running all the courses and workshops, I can never thank you enough… all of you.

When I started act up I used to hilariously get a lot of fruity voices phoning up claiming they were interested in the courses, one was brave enough to say he was running something similar and was appalled I was doing the same because I wasn’t an actor….

I like many other women I am sure have continually had people phoning up to speak to the boss and really disappointed when the boss was a bird.

I have learnt a lot and continue to, I continue to work in different mediums including Love Art and currently operate out of Tooting Market. Some don’t get my need to work in different mediums, some have not understood that I am the same head if I worked in a shiny Soho office as I am in a market but I am someone that cannot pretend. I thrive amongst chaos, down to earth people and everyday life, shove me in an office and I’d last a day… shove me in an chaotic environment and you’ll get the best of me.

Like anyone, those that get me really get me and what I have and am doing with act up and those that don’t turn away and run.

I have cast, I have produced, I have run an extensive outreach programme for one of the drama schools and I have facilitated many, many workshops but rest assured I have never actually taught an acting workshop. Currently I mainly focus on the corporate side of act up and the agency but I am always open to new ideas so write them on a paper plane and send them down Tooting way.

Currently the difference between the olden days of act up and now is that when I had my daughter Inca I had to pretend she didn’t exist to get work, I never came across people with children and often questioned what I was doing but the culture is very different now and I am out and out open about the babe Kamsicho, as people phone me up they can hear him in the background and I make no apology and if I call a casting director I can often hear their children in the background and very recently had a very long chat with a director as we both had babies of the same age, we suddenly remembered we were meant to be talking about one of the actors in the agency.

So a big cheer and a thank you to everyone that has utilised the resources of act up and a special big cheer to the actors I have and do work with and all the actors I currently represent, I think you are all incredibly brave and brilliant… but I am waiting for my yacht so hurry up with winning those auditions. XXX

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