What do you want to do when you grow up? act up is changing!

April 14, 20180

act up has been running it’s courses in the same fashion for sixteen years and it’s time for a change.

In the last two years I’ve noticed a real difference in how people approach life, I could surmise a lot of reasons for this but that’s a discussion for another time.

The upshot is that act up is going to be offering a lot more creative courses to a lot more people. They’ll run as one offs, or as a weekend of fun. They’ll also run around the UK and not just in London.

We won’t have so many acting courses but those that we do run will continue to enable people to find their confidence, to trust themselves more and to really understand that acting comes from ‘within’, I’ve never believed anyone can teach anyone to act.

The new courses will include, film-making, producing, MMA fitness, writing, spoken-word, movement, the voice, pilates, talks and art classes in the guise of my true love Love Art that has already started, for both children and adults. If there’s anything else you’d like to see, do let me know.. all of this is for YOU.

act up has always been about showing people a good time.  To enable many people to indulge in the arts and for me to prove how brilliant they really are.  We’ve had some incredible success stories and I am very proud of many, many people. And of course, I bow down and thank absolutely everyone that has participated in the courses over the last sixteen years, whow that’s a lot of amazing people I’ve met.

act up was also born to challenge the inequality in the arts, it is still so exclusive and this is my main drive and I admit my main fear about losing the ‘old’ act up. In it’s time, I have encouraged so many people that normally wouldn’t have got a ‘look in’ to try acting that are now working successfully as actors.  I am hoping that I will still have the opportunity to meet these very raw and talented people, after all I need to keep my actor’s agency well fed.

So let’s all embrace fear, I have always been fascinated by fear and have always seen it as a positive thing as it drives us all forward.

So, are you ready to change too, take the bull by the horns and leap into the unknown?

I hope so – see or meet you soon down the arts.


Gemma XX

P.S. The last two courses of the ‘current’ act up start this Saturday 6th June, act for screen run by brilliant film director Jesse Quinones and the act for course that starts on Saturday 13th June, aimed at anyone that wants to become a professional actor.

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