act up | Terms and conditions
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A deposit of £60.00 must be paid to secure a place on the course of your choice. We have a limited number of places on each course, so to avoid disappointment it is advisable to pay your deposit as soon as you can.

The outstanding balance must be paid in full one week before the course begins. If you enrol in the week before the first class, it’s fine to join but full payment must be made before the day of the class.

If your employer is paying and you would prefer to be invoiced, please notify Gemma Lloyd at act up. In the event of cancellation by you after paying in full, a refund of the balance will be made provided that notice of 7 days is given before the course begins.

No refund will be made if for whatever reason you cancel after the course has begun.

The deposit is in all cases non-refundable.

In the unlikely event that act up has to cancel your course, a full refund will be made.

To be eligible for the concessionary rate you must either be in receipt of benefits or a full-time student. Please send proof via email alongside your application, a scan or a photograph of a document is fine.