Some Handy Tips for actors with love from Miss Lloyd.

September 10, 20150

1 – Keep going, it is one of the toughest industries going, but I see too many people give up too soon.. so hang on in there, you never know what might happen.

2 – Straddle your day job and your acting by giving an equal balance of energy to both. It’s incredibly hard I know, you have to keep down a full time job as well as being available for acting work all of the time????

Indeed ??? is the right answer.. if you want it bad enough you’ll find a way. Get into a routine where you spend at least an hour a day looking at all the on-line casting services you subscribe too and if you have an agent they’ll be doing their bit too.

3 – Most important thing an actor should possess is a brilliant photo. Don’t make it fancy, don’t try and project certain characteristics towards the camera, let the photographer find you and that way you’ll ensure the photograph will represent how we see you, you want it to be you warts and all.

4 – A showreel, a lot of actors find it frustrating ‘obtaining’ a showreel.. However you do it, please make sure it is real work and not you and a mate in a studio. Frustrating because of lot of being an actor is chicken and egg. But if you consider the ‘other side’ they need to see what you like on camera before they pull you in.

5 – How do I find work?
It’s the million dollar question, part two of this I’ll give you more clues.

But do let me know if you have any questions, or let me know how you’re doing with it all.

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