act up | Confidence and voice training for everyone
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Confidence and voice training for everyone

love your voice


A day from 11.00am-6.00pm.

Next date – we run this course on demand for you and your friends or colleagues. Minimum number is six people, so contact us with several dates and we’ll take it from there.


Per person: £175.00  Concessions £125.00.

£80 deposit reserves you a place and the balance needs to be made a week before the course begins.


Theatre Delicatessen, London.

To book, please contact us.



love your voice focuses on both the physical and vocal aspects that should be applied so you feel audible, relaxed and effective when speaking in public.

  • standing and speaking in front of people with confidence
  • strengthening the voice and developing breath control
  • articulating words and ideas effectively
  • creating spatial and physical awareness
  • utilising body language effectively
  • controlling stress and nerves

The course is suitable for anyone that has to speak in public,  be it for work or for personal reasons.

No preparation is required. The trainers facilitating this seminar regularly train across the public and private sectors.

one to one training


A time and date that is convenient to you and the actor.


£80.00 an hour or £150 for two consecutive hours.


If you have access to a space that is not domestic then the actor can come to you, else we’ll assist you in hiring a space, this will be an additional cost.

one to one is tailored to the specific requirements of the individual. The format has proved particularly beneficial for participants that have specific key dates on the horizon such as a job interview or perhaps an important presentation to make.

If you are considering the time to work on broader areas, such as the voice, self-confidence, we recommend that you start with one of our courses, such as love your voice (above).

It is suggested that the participant begins with just one or two hours, extending or repeating the sessions as necessary. You can choose to work with a particular actor or someone will be recommended to you.

act up in business

act up in business is designed for any organisation or company.

We specialise in communication. It’s a broad term but encompasses many areas that are essential in business today.

We employ trainers who are professional actors for the simple reason that they have highly developed communication skills. We adapt and utilise their skills to benefit everyone.

Actors: think on their feet, are confident in performance, have natural presence, good listening skills, take people at face value and react and adapt quickly to new surroundings and situations.

We will of course design the training around your needs. If you want a break from work and are looking for a day of fun, we can also offer an acting course aimed at those that have never acted before, or perhaps the challenge of putting a play on in a day.  Whatever it might be we have over 20 years of experience and we’ll all create something brilliant together.

If you are looking for more specific training, we can offer workshops to assist with:

  • managing change
  • presentation skills
  • communication skills
  • voice work
  • fundraising skills
  • interacting and discussion
  • team building
  • confidence and assertiveness development
  • telephone, radio and television skills

We can also offer programmes to assist you in illustrating specific work related issues personal to you and your colleagues through the use of forum theatre or role play.

Organisations and companies that we have worked with include:

Ascend Worldwide
Barnardos (London)
Carry Forward Business Club – Women in Business (Metropolitan
CPA (Computer Patent Annuities)
Electronic Arts (EA Games)

Inchcape Fleet Solutions
IPE (The International Petroleum Exchange of London)
La Casseta (Destination Restaurant)
Ledbury Poetry Festival
Medical Foundation (for the care of victims of torture)
Pierre Marcolini (Chocolatier)

Mundipharma International Ltd

Poplar Harca (Housing Association)

Thomsons Online Benefits
Vanguard Animation (Valiant Productions Ltd)
Workdirections (welfare-to-work providers)