act up | Marketing, promotion and consultancy
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Marketing, promotion and consultancy

Marketing is the key to everything in the arts world, of course alongside a brilliant viable product.

With increasing competition and less funding it’s essential to stand out and shout proudly.

Gemma Lloyd has over fifteen years experience of marketing through her experience of running act up, all the plays and films she has produced and the actors she represents.

She has also worked with many organisations in this time and has taken the helm on many projects pushing through her marketing skills and sideways thinking to get the product to the top.

If you would like Gemma to work on your marketing plan, your funding application forms, your business or how you can achieve your ambitions as an actor give her a shout and we can work it out together.

Very recently she’s worked with Suzette Coon on Child Z assisting Suzette with a marketing plan and advising on the funding applications.

Fine artists Ed Mpisunga’s recent exhibition SEER at the The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London. Gemma curated it and promoted the show.

Blunt Pictures’ first feature film STILL starring Aidan Gillen, Amanda Mealing and Jonathan Slinger, Elodie Sung and Sonny Green. Gemma is promoting the company and the film to the world.

She is the queen of social media, handles over 15 Twitter accounts on a daily basis and regularly gives talks to actors on ‘How to survive in this industry’ as well as advice on marketing.

Looking forward to talking to you soon.