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act up produces films

Things come full circle
Gemma’s first professional work was in the film world as an art department assistant
a 100 years later she’s embracing film again with open arms

Tree Tops

Very happy to announce that I am working on Tree Tops, a feature film being produced by Blunt Stuff that have just made STILL starring Aidan Gillen.

Tree Tops

The Cagefighter Teaser

A teaser for director/writer Jesse Quinones, next feature Cagefighter starring Tahyna Tozzi, Alex Montagnani and Daniel Godward.

The Cagefighter Teaser.

No Love Lost

A short film written by Shekhar and Shalinder Bassi and directed by Shekhar Bassi.

Starring Mouna Albakry, Scarlett Brookes, Daniel Godward, Joshua James, Scott Karim, Meena Rayann, Emma Vansittart.

No Love Lost has screened in over 50 festivals across the world and currently has won five awards and counting…

No Love Lost