FEAR – embrace it and become more like a child.

November 2, 20150

I am obsessed by Fear, I see it all the time and it’s something we’ve got to learn to embrace more and more.

Without Fear there is no impetus to continue driving forward and if you work as an actor that’s something you’ve really got to do.

That’s the positive side of Fear the negative side of course is something that can eat you alive it’s also something that continually frustrates me.

I regularly see people that are desperate to engage in courses both with act up and Love Art that don’t because that voice in all our heads start to talk too loudly.

“You’re only going to look stupid”

Really, you want to do that course, how do you know it’s any good, looks too expensive to me…

“YOU, you think you can be an actor -Ha.”

“Draw, you can’t draw, everyone is clearly going to be better than you’.

So of course I am going to say ignore it, but what I also see is that children simply don’t have this voice, they are happy to jump into everything and I so wish we were a all a little bit more like children.

The best things always come out of leaping into the unknown, so I say embrace that FEAR and dive in, what’ve you got to loose?


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