Drama school, can it be a real option for you?

May 9, 20150

Drama school seems to be getting a bit of a bad press at the moment, I have noticed every time we run the act for course that far less people are interested in applying than they ever used to be.  Have a look HERE for those that have successfully entered drama school in the last seven years.  Of course it’s a very loose straw poll, not everyone keeps in touch with us but there is a definite trend for going ‘straight in’ now.

Funds are drying up, but right now there is still funding available and certainly if you don’t have a previous degree…Where the government has really ballsed up, I really believe the longer you can wait to be an actor the better.

It’s another long conversation another time, but the education system in this country means you’re virtually expected what you want to do with your whole life aged 12 now, which terrifies me.

But for me, every artist needs some form of training, you need to be challenged and pummelled before being let loose into the bear pit and drama school really does assist with this.

So are you in or out?

At least consider it as a real option and if you take the act for course, we’ll hold your hand the whole way through.


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