act up | Community engagement
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community engagement

act up fiercely believes that the arts should and can be available to absolutely everyone  and we’re at it hammer and tongs to spread it’s power far and wide.

Art in all it’s forms can have such an incredibly powerful, positive impact on the individual, particularly for those at risk of offending.

Since act up began we have regularly been invited to collaborate with organisations and charities to enable many to benefit from engaging with the arts. Charities we have worked with include St Mungos, Barnardos, Trident and Kids Company.

If you are interested in act up designing a community engagement programme devised from their professional experience in the acting and fine arts world for you, please do get in touch.

Copenhagen Youth Project

We are currently working with the Copenhagen Youth Project, Islington, London offering advice in fundraising, marketing and leading arts projects.

This has included an invite to a private screening of Simon Blake’s feature film STILL where they had the opportunity to meet and talk to the leads in the film Aidan Gillen and Amanda Mealing courtesy of Blunt Pictures.

The Reasons Why Foundation

Gemma Lloyd is also currently training to be a  mentor for The Reasons Why Foundation, a charity that works with ex-offenders. And act up will also be offering marketing and fundraising advice as well as leading arts projects for the clients.

The Pendragon Recordings

The Pendragon Recordings was a collaboration of tunes between students of Pendragon School, young people from Kids Company and guest artists from the music industry. All profits from album sales went to Kids Company.

It was launched at the Barbican Centre and was an extraordinary experience.  act up came on board to push through the genius of Celyn Jones and Chris Warren the main instigators on the project.

“I think the work you, Chris/Team and the kids have done to pull this together is incredible, it should be a standing example of why the arts are so important to growth, I can’t wait to brag about this album.”

IE, Idris Elba (Driis)

Artists featuring: Driis (Idris Elba), Drastick, Mosi Conde, Stomp, Gentleman’s Dub Club, Urban Voodoo Machine, Claire Egan (E.N.O), Mr Gee, The Choir With No Name, Polsky, The Burbs, Collectress, Fusing Naked Beats, Hares (Robb Skipper) and The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain.

The Oxford School of Drama

In 2005 The Oxford School or Drama recognised act up’s passion and we were invited to run their Outreach Programme.

It formed part of the overall outreach programme that all accredited drama schools in the UK took part in.  It was funded by The Learning and Skills Council and its aim was to attract further people from BME communities into the industry.  The scheme was so successfull that Oxford was granted increased DADA awards, discretionary bursary awards for students entering the school.

In 2010 we ran workshops in Leicester and Oldham.
In 2009 we ran workshops in Swansea and Sheffield.
In 2008 we ran workshops in Plymouth & Leeds.
In 2007 we ran workshops in Tooting (South London) & Newcastle.
In 2006 we ran workshops in Nottingham & Manchester.
In 2005 we ran workshops in Birmingham & Leicester.

The Success

People that before the workshops had perceived that drama school would never be suitable for them are now working regularly as professional actors.

Sadly our collaboration came to an end as the funding was cut, but while it lasted it we loved it.