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December 31, 20150

So are you going to finally take the plunge and take the acting course you’ve always wanted to try, are you going to finally own up and declare to the world that you want to work as an actor or are you going to finally take the bull by the horns and really push forwards your acting career?

I’ve always felt funny about making New Year’s resolutions…  it’s like setting yourself up for inevitable disappointment because following a list never tends to work in the end.

But, and it’s a big but, if you really want a new and improved you then you’ve got to make yourself do things you’re not normally comfortable with.  Charge at the things that fill you with fear, try the things that you’ve always wanted to do that the ‘control’ has always finally prevented you from doing in the past.

You’re capable of doing anything you put your mind to.

I’m in correspondance with lovely people that want to take the courses but admit they’re too scared to take the plunge.  We all understand that and as I say to everyone, the scariest part of any of our courses is the first journey to the first class, after that it’s going to get easier and easier and better and better.

2016 for me involves setting up a new business, yes you’d have thought I’d have learnt by now, running your own business is hard but I hate the idea of not giving it a go..

So are you going to join me and give what you’ve always wanted to do a go?

Have a lovely New Year and as an encouragement to your 2016 we’re offering a 30% discount on all our January courses. Just type NEW YEAR into the coupon box when you check out on New Year’s Day.

Gemma X











May 15, 20150

1 – When did you first know you wanted to become an actor?

Honestly, I can’t remember ever wanting anything else. I mean, I probably went through phases same as everybody else, but even my inarticulate childhood ideas about a career involved acting. The idea of it has changed, but the concept stayed.

2 – What did you first do about it?

I was always in the school plays, role playing with my friends, the that sort of thing. I encountered a lot of dissuasion early on, but I knew it was a valid path and that I wanted training. For a couple of years I flew back and forth from Denmark to audition for drama schools until I finally moved over here to see where life would take me. To Act-Up, as it turns out 🙂

3 – When did you first call yourself a professional actor?

When I set up my Twitter profile about a month ago. Until then, I’d only identified myself as such to likeminded people, and even then, apologetically. Now I own it!

4 – Has it met your expectations being an actor?

The love of the work and the process has, absolutely, but then I never doubted that part. As far as the expectation of being a working actor it’s still a bit too soon to really answer that, but I’m very excited about experiencing everything there is, good or bad.

5 – What are your hopes for the future of the acting profession?

An end to inequality, sexism. Actually, not just in our profession. On a global scale. Too much?

February 5, 20150

1) When did you first know you wanted to be an actor?

Well I’ve always had an interest for acting, but I never really started getting into it until my mid
twenties. I started off doing act up courses with Gemma Lloyd, and she recommended I go
drama school. The reason why I was so determined to become an actor, was the fact I used to
do extra work on Eastenders and I saw all the characters performing there scenes. I was like
“I can do that”. So I said forget this behind the scenes stuff I want to be apart of a cast.

2) What did you first do about it.

Just for the record I didn’t know you could train to be an actor so I just learnt as I went along.
The first thing I did was research the best drama schools and see which one would cater for
Me. I applied to audition, which I did but I was unsuccessful in the first year. I remember
RADA telling me that I should go do a performing arts course and get some life experience.
So I applied to Lambeth College to do a performing arts course. I got in and then the tutor for
The course rang me over the summer before I started term. He informed me if I was interested in doing a summer course to enable more ethnic minorities to get into drama schools. I did the course at a drama school for a week. It was a good experience.  The following year I applied to the same drama school I did the summer school with and got in. I also manage to get into another drama which was brilliant because the decision was all down to me.

3) When did you first call yourself a professional actor?

I would say when I landed a role in a commercial. It was one of the best feelings to have especially when you just graduated from drama school.

4)- Has it met your expectations being an actor? 

Yes, because there’s no better feeling then getting a role in something and performing it for people, knowing that your performance can help some look at at situation which they might be going through differently. To me that means I’ve done my job.

No, because there’s this weird barrier which I feel is wrong and needs to change in terms of having more diversity in the UK. When I was training I didn’t realise it was this bad. I thought I will graduate and everything would be on a level playing field.

5) – What advice would you give the generations below that want to become actors?

My advice to the next generation is really think about the profession. If you feel your going to make millions over night. Your going to have a big shock. It takes determination, passion, commitment, time, and able to take reject and not take things personal. It’s really not for the weak hearted.

6) – What are your hopes for the future of the acting profession?

My hopes for the future is to make a name for myself in the UK. Then use that to be able to go America to do movies, tv series etc. I want to be able to work in the UK and US going back and forth.

November 7, 20140

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Here’s the real reason you didn’t get called to audition. Article via thestage.co.uk

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October 4, 20130

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