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February 25, 20200


The Oxford School of Drama in partnership with Oldham Coliseum Theatre are running a free weekend workshop for anyone interested in seeking a career as a professional actor.

It takes place on Saturday 7th (11.00am-6.00pm) & Sunday 8th March (11.00am-5.00pm) at The Coliseum, Oldham.

You must be 18+ and must be able to commit to both days.

It is a great opportunity to get a taste of Drama School training with two of the teachers from this outstanding School.  The weekend will include acting, voice and movement sessions to support you in considering a career as an actor.

We will then be offering a first round audition into the School on Saturday 2nd May, starting time 10.30am at Oldham Library

As it’s funded there is some criteria to meet before we can offer a free place, for further details please contact Gemma on

gemma@act-up.co.uk or 07976 909043.


December 4, 20190

2020 is all change for act up and we can’t wait.

We’re going to be running a lot more acting courses and workshops aimed at everyone within the community, they’re going to be much more neighbourhood lead and we’ll encourage everyone to get involved.  Gemma is going to be joined by actor Laura Carey to help woman the helm.

Laura participated in many act up workshops, went to drama school, came back and has assisted Gemma in pretty much all of the producing work that act up has done. Laura will be cooking up new ideas and working with Gemma on everything when she’s not acting.

The first courses for the New Year will be aimed at anyone 18+ who has always fancied trying out acting classes just for fun. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore your creative side, meet loads of new people and we promise you it’s nothing like school.  All of our courses are now in local neighbourhoods so the first ones will be running in Tooting and West Norwood in South London.

We’ll also be running short courses for anyone that is possibly a bit stuck as to what to do in life, maybe left school early, maybe not in full time employment and will be aimed at anyone aged 16+.  Again it’s a great opportunity to be listened to, to get creative and develop your confidence.  This course will be subsidised so it’s affordable for everyone.

All details will be listed in a new section on our website that will be coming soon.

In the meantime, any questions let us have them.





November 24, 20190

How to survive the acting industry – a practical two hour workshop for professional actors.

A hands on session for any actor at any stage in their career who feels they need a bit of support and morale boosting. 
Gemma, owner of act up has worked as a casting director, producer and agent and has herself survived in the industry for over  20 years.

She’ll talk you through the whole process of the industry, remind you of the hidden truths behind it all and offer advice on how to seek work, look for an agent (if applicable), and how to market yourself more effectively.

She’ll switch your way of thinking, so you see it from an employers point of view as well as from an actors.  The workshop will be tailored to suit the needs of the individual participants, so do come armed with lots of questions as well as your CV and headshot, please keep them digital.

So the date is Saturday 25th January (3.00-5.00pm) 2020 at amazing Harry’s Chocolate Emporium in Tooting all for £19.00 if you pay in advance or £25 on the door. Yes chocolate, so as we talk you’ll have plenty of opportunity to tuck into cake, chocolate and more chocolate if you wish, this will be an additional cost between yourself, Harry’s and your appetite that day. 

If you would like to book a place, email act up and payment can be taken via PayPal or a BAC transfer. There are only 10 places available so get going if you know you want to enrol.  

Any questions, let me have them and Harry’s is very close to Tooting Bec Tube Station. 

“Brilliant few hours spent talking all things acting. Thanks Gemma! @actupcourses #actinglife” Anna Bolton


P.S. Gemma has two children, a 14 month old baby and a 14 year old scary teenager, we will touch on having children and maintaning a career, again if relevant to any of the participants.

March 18, 20160

The beginning of this year I got a call from a gentleman called Roi who runs Tooting Market, a unit was available did I want it?

Of course I did.  After a month of hard graft and a hell of a lot of help from some amazing people Love Art has a home.

Love Art runs art classes for children and adults, sells affordable prints and beautiful things, I run it with Claire Rudkin who also designs in film and television.   The Market houses me pretty much everyday.  I run act up from it, I run the agency from it, I produce from it and I meet and greet many incredible people each day.

My ambitions are to run a huge arts centre, so I figured I needed experience in pretty much every field of the arts.

Also I can only do down to earth, the acting profession can get very intense and very boring for the rest of the planet who have no interest in such a strange hybrid.  I figured if I worked amongst everybody it could only do good and it’s already paying off.

So if you want a bit of everything, come and find us down the market, you might be surprised what you find. X