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act up knows one or two actors….

Plays we have cast

Companion Piece

Companion Piece

Writer Kevin Armento and Director Abbie Lucas. 3 week run at Pleasance, London, March 2014.

Starring – Mark Arnold, Amy Finegan, Erin Hunter, John Schwab

Venus-Mars poster


Writer Patrice Etienne and Director Rikki Henry & Jade Lewis.  Invited as part of the Bush Theatre’s RADAR Festival. November 2013.

Starring –Charlyne Francis, Adrian Decosta.  Musicians – Nubya Garcia and Calum Mercer


Writer Patrice Etienne and Director Rikki Henry. 3 week run at Old Red Lion May/June 2013.
Starring – Jill Cardo, Adrian Decosta, Samantha Pearl.


Sour Lips

Writer Omar El-Khairy and Director Carissa Hope Lynch. 3 week run at OvalHouse January 2013.
Starring – Simon Darwen, Takunda Kramer, Lara Sawalha, Celine Rosa Tan and Eden Vik

Happy Birthday Wanda June

Happy Birthday Wanda June

Writer Kurt Vonnegut and Director Ant Stones. 5 week run at Old Red Lion November 2012.
Starring – Fiona Drummond, Alix Dunmore, Vincent Jerome, Emma-Jane Martin, Marcus Powell, Katy Slater.

Films we have cast


A film written and directed by Anderson West.

Them Girls

Them Girls.

Music Video for Kathrin DeBoer. Directed by Jesse Quinones.

Starring – Alex Montagnani, Tahyna Tozzi, Daniel Godward

Live script reading at Channel 4 for British Urban Film Festival. Gemma Lloyd cast all three winning scripts+

British Urban Film Festival script competition.

Cast the three winning scripts for British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) read live at Channel 4.


Calloused Hands

Gemma Lloyd was the casting director for Jesse Quinones new US feature Calloused Hands, shot in Miami.  She cast Daisy Haggard (Daisy Haggard IMDB) in the lead, the film also stars Andre Royo and Hans Howes.

No Love Lost

No Love Lost

Starring Mouna Albakry, Scarlett Brookes, Daniel Godward, Joshua James, Scott Karim, Meena Rayann, Emma Vansittart.


written by Courttia Newland and directed by Yoshi E.A.

Starring Williams Ackon, Joe Bentil, Stevie Cox, Lorna Gayle, Aisling Stephenson, D’Adrian Tomlin and Michael Quartey.


A staged reading of the feature ‘Pop’, the story of one Jewish family in 1960s Dublin. Screenplay Shivaun Woolfson and Frances Tay and director Trilby James. For more details click here.


writer/director In-Sook Chappell

A film for B3 Media/BBC.

Lizzie Roper was cast in the lead with Daniel Mills and Louise Bond who both came through act up.

Triangles – director Graham Taylor

This was a competition commissioned by the agency Satusfaction for Rushes Soho Shorts.

“Satusfaction bring us the second year of their unique screenwriting competition, in which a winning screenplay is filmed twice, by two production teams. Here, they’ll screen the final films, get the screenwriter’s (hopefully ecstatic) reaction and discuss such questions as how to turn the tables on an editor and get them to direct a film themselves.”

It was screened at BAFTA on Sunday 24th July 2011. Sophie Aide and Paula James were cast in the lead roles, both came through act up.

Mercutio’s Dreaming- The Killing of a Chinese actor. Director Daniel York, cast by Gemma Lloyd

Mercutio’s Dreaming: The Killing of a Chinese actor

Director Daniel York. Daniel won an award through B3Media and BBC to produce this film.

Cast in the leading roles were Frances Barber, Jack Brough, Andrew Koji, Gabby Wong and Alisdair Simpson. Details of this and Daniel’s previous film can be found here: