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act up produces plays

We believe that much of theatre is still far too exclusive
we are aiming to address this by presenting plays that appeal to a far wider audience

Quarter Life Crisis

A new play written and performed by Yolanda Mercy, director Jade Lewis.

Produced the run at Arc (Stockton Arts Centre), OvalHouse Theatre (London) and Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017.

It has been funded by Arts Council, England.

Quarter Life Crisis

On The Edge Of Me

A new play written and performed by Yolanda Mercy, director Jade Lewis.

UK tour in 2016.

It was funded by Arts Council, England.

On The Edge

the forgotten of the forgotten

A new play by Daniel York, director Rikki Henry.

Currently in development for Moongate Productions, it had a rehearsed work-in-progress reading at Stratford East in October 2015.

It was funded by Arts Council, England.

The Forgotten

Movin’ Up

Produced ‘Movin’ Up a dance piece choreographed by Kim Brandstrup with dancers Tommy Franzén and Azurra Ardovini at Sadler’s Wells, Summer 2015.
Development funded by Arts Council, England and Sadler’s Wells.

Movin Up

Lady Precious Stream

Associate Producer on the R&D of Lady Precious Stream by S.I. Hsiung at English Touring Theatre.

Jennifer Lim and Daniel York’s Moongate Productions looks to revive this long-neglected play for the first time in the West with an East Asian cast.

Funded by Arts Council, England.

Lady Precious


A new play by Shivaun Woolfson, director Trilby James.

It had a staged reading at JW3 centre in May 2015 and is now being developed into a film.


Boxer, Beetle

A new play by Madeline Gould, adapted from the Ned Beauman’s award winning novel, directed by Lauren Bracewell for Local Girl Productions.

Currently in development, it had a work-in-progress showing at RichMix in 2014.

Boxer Beetle

Companion Piece

A new play by American writer Kevin Armento directed by Abbie Lucas for Concorde

Theatre Company running at the Pleasance Theatre, London in 2014.
Funded by Arts Council, England.

Companion Piece


A new play by Patrice Etienne directed by Rikki Henry presented at the RADAR Festival for the Bush Theatre 2013.

It was funded by the Arts Council of England and The Royal Victoria Hall Foundation.

Previously had a 3 week run at the Old Red Lion, Theatre.


When The Fallen Sang

A new play by Suzy Almond directed by Marie McCarthy. A site-responsive, promenade production set in St Giles-in-the-Fields WC2, an ancient site in the middle of Central London in collaboration with the homeless charity St Mungos. 2013.

When The Fallen Sang

Happy Birthday Wanda June

A play by Kurt Vonnegut and directed by Ant Stones presented at The Old Red Lion Theatre, 2012.

Happy Birthday

Sam Rose in the Shadows

Written and directed by Hal Chambers for Tucked In presented at RichMix and a UK tour 2012.

Sam Rose

One Flea Spare

Written by Naomi Wallace and directed by Sue Colvard for Red Dog presented at The Old Red Lion Theatre 2011.